Saturday, 12 January 2013

leaked dark angel codex pictures

Hi guys, heres a few pictures i found that are from the Leaked Dark Angel Codex. I'm pretty sure they are all Legit!


Friday, 11 January 2013

So who is justin bieber?

To be honest, im getting really fed up of this Bieber Character, i see him everywhere, on the tv, in magazines, on the radio, on youtube, on facebook, absolutely everywhere! what is the point in him?

does he make music? if so i doubt its very good at all!


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Why you need a hairdryer!

This is an oldie but a definate goodie!
Its often overlooked, but the trusty hairdryer can be a painters greatest ally in the war against drying times!
Ive wanted one for ages, but always though tthey were expensive?

Well Argos came to my rescue as they sell this wonderfully cheap value hairdryer!

For under £5 you cant say no!

if you dont own one, i URGE you to go get one now! no more waiting for those damn devlan mud washes to dry!

Minotaurs predator finished

Hi guys, i cant believe how fast i banged this sucker out, i only picked the model up yesterday morning, did a couple of hours priming it and basecoating in the evening then finished it off tonight.
Then to be fair its only a colour test! i didnt put a lot of time/effort in.

Now, im sorry but im not enjoying these minotaurs anymore, the colour scheme is a pain in the arse, and it doesnt "pop" very well.
My carcharodons however, although they are grey, seem to pop like mad. so.....

I think i'm moving back to the sharks!

Oh well..

anyway, heres the pictures!

Space marine Razorback

Hi guys, im potentially going to knock up some Rainbow warriors (to be called the less worrying name of Spectrum warriors)
I'm NOT going to use the very unoriginal looking Aztec theme. (i HATE it)
Anyway, i banged out a Razorback quick;ly to see if i liked the general scheme. which i did.

I think now the Rainbow, Sorry, Spectrum warriors are a go!

Heres the pics.

do you remember hulk hogan?

When i was a lad, we all liked WWf wrestling.

Hulk hogan was my favorite, who was yours?


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